21 Oct The handbook is a subjective assessment of the Vampire Counts army, meant to help newcomers to the game. Our ratings are based on years. A fan made vampire counts army book for 8th edition warhammer fantacy battles. this is a “living document”. if you have any ideas please comment and send. Warhammer Armies – Vampire Counts (8th edition).pdf – Download as PDF File . pdf), Text File .txt) or read online.

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But ckunts you said, different things work in different ways. Forbidden Lore opens up possibilities but at a hidden cost. Keep in mind which units and characters they threaten the most with Killing Blow and that they only have M4.

I am going to counter disagree with Brutus apex again, and here is why. Shrieking Blade — Shrieking Blade shouldn’t ever be taken and has no use whatsoever in our army. Meh, Magic Resistance is pretty weak this edition so not a great choice.

Games Workshop Warhammer Fantasy Vampire Counts 8th Edition

Purposefully save two power dice to boost your dispel vapmire. Your army is a hell of a lot weaker if it has to split up. If you vampird lore of death go large so you can get the spells you need.

Either way, a Blender Vamp can and will beat all of those things. I didnt like the mechanic used for regular morale, but its tactically superior. The signature spell, Invocation of Nehek, will in almost any list you make be cast every single turn due to the fact that it resurrects D6 Wounds to the unit of your choice with the exception of Vampiric, Ethereal, or Large Target which only get 1 Wound restored.

Depending on what Lore you are using, the bonuses you have when casting, and what other Arcane Items you need determines how useful this item is. Try and engage an enemy unit with a nasty character in it with two erition your own. Honestly I was just running the death vamp for doom and darkness which I got, I had 4 other lore of vamps wizards which I see now was a mistake since it was a 3k point game.

Other Trickster’s Shard helps, but can only take you so far. Just keep your character coumts from Killing Blows and Flaming Attacks. Lahmians infiltrated fdition Sisters of Sigmar long ago, and there’s also non-evil Vampires running around mostly those who have self control combined with the aforementioned hatred of Chaos.

Simple undead horse, best in a squad of Blood Knights, and never put Black Knights unless there’s no terrain, as they’ll lose their Ethereal movement. 8tn either case, Grave Guard draw a lot of heat and can die fast, so support them with Invocation of Nehek. Zombies are not so popular because you will need a whole lot of them which means a large collection.

You should always take a Ghast since an extra attack in the front rank is better than another body in xounts back and it gives you a champion to protect your Vampires. Purposefully save two dispel dice every turn and boost your magic phase.

Warhammer/Tactics/8th Edition/Vampire Counts – 1d4chan

My horrors went crazy on the hammerers and killedI don’t remember the exact number but it was a hell of a lot, in return they took a measly 2 wounds, the hammerers were stubborn so held, the ghouls killed the rangers and reformed to support the horrors next turn.

Whatever your MVP unit is, you could do worse having a character in that unit carrying this. I will however say that Warriors of Chaos can suffer against powerful character builds because they lack any real cheap tarpit option in the list, its not a poor move to take a stock blender, but I think there are better ones against WoC. All in all you are getting a editiom discount by taking them in the Rare section, as well vamire saving points for more Vampires, Necros, or Wights in the Hero slot.

Cast normally it chews up and spits out knights and the odd Monstrous unit.

As for the one model, maybe countts don’t see this the same way as I do, but any incoming damage possibly reduced is good.

He has regular Killing Blow otherwise, but the drawback is that he MUST issue a challenge whenever possible, Oh, and having a T5 W4 hero for vamppire meager point cost not to mention his other rules is very very good. Regis Von Carstein Skeleton Oct 24, Regardless of this fact, a horde of troops can hold anything that’s not packing some serious killing power in place until they have been whittled down to nothing or you bring something bigger to finish exition job the twice-redshirts started. A unit of 18 in a horde does have good punch however and is very hard to get rid of, but will be expensive points, with the upgrade to champion for a unit that ultimately works best in a points denial role.

Not seeing where we disagree there. Against armies that load their units up with characters, or vampires that sdition up in challenges or solo charges, it can be extremely powerful.

Sunny & Najo’s Vampire Counts Handbook (2014)

Something else I should expostulate on a bit more. And vs a gunline force, for example warmachine heavy dwarfs or empire black powder. Orlanth is correct, I tend to wait for the WoC to come to me so I can build up my units with invocation, set up favourable engagements etc so I could see many of the draw backs of a vounts cart being negated by that.

If timed right, this can be game-changing.

With it being an Arcane Item and its high point value, there is just better use of that slot and points. No matter how you’re planning to use him, just make sure you have a plan for your casters since this guy is almost pure combat at mastery level 1. Ordinary in all regards. As a hex spell, Curse of Years synergizes well with aggressive armies, thinning out enemy units engaged with your own or as a deterrent to keep them at bay.

You 8ty the price but keep most of the punch.

Krell, Lord of Undeath: With support from Invocation, there are few units in the game Crypt Horrors cannot take on and come out on top. Has a special ability called Chill Grasp, allowing it to trade in it’s 3 Attacks for one Attack that automatically wounds if it hits and ignores armour.

First, I like to say it was an absolute pleasure working with Sunny on this. In standard games, Lore of Shadows can only really be used by our Vampires. Not all of the spells are great but there no real duds and Searing Doom gives our army a way to deal with armored units at range.

He also attempted to cast wyssans wildform on the spearmen which I dispelled and amber spear on my mortis engine which failed to wound. Works well with Beguile too.