Spiritual THEORIES OF THE CHAKRAS It is an outstanding book from both the scientific and spiritual points of view. It is the unique r. Theories of the Bridge to Higher Consciousness HIROSHI MOTOYAMA Spiritual THEORIES OF THE CHAKRAS It is an outstanding book from both the scientific. Theories of the Chakras: Bridge to Higher Consciousness. Front Cover. Hiroshi Motoyama. New Age Books, – Chakras – pages.

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Jonathan rated it it was ok Jul 26, Things Hidden Richard Rohr.

The influx of theories of the chakras hiroshi motoyama touches the walls of the mouth and stimulates the digestive secretions. The whole back is slowly bent back as far as possible until the arms are straight. In the case of motoyamma illness, acupuncture or moxa treatment here is known to have an immediate effect. What is expansion of consciousness?

Be aware of inhalation and exhalation. The movement of the hands should be coordinated with the abdominal inhalation.

Theories of the Chakras : Hiroshi Motoyama :

This is the final stage of this practice. Slowly rotate the head in as large a circle as possible without strain, ten times in each direction. Ideally, it should be practiced in conjunction with pra- nayama theories of the chakras hiroshi motoyama mudras, but if practiced alone, it should follow asana and pranayama practice, motoyaam precede meditation.

Practice five times in succession. It also strengthens the eye muscles. Repeat this process as many times as possible. Dana Mihalca rated it really liked it Mar 03, As the mind is drawn within from the external world, awareness develops of the nada, psychic sounds which originate in the sahasrara chakra and emanate from an important center in the brain called bindu-visargha.

His mind becomes restless, and his concentration is easily broken. This in turn produces telepathic and psychokinetic powers, as well as enhanced mental and physical health. Do not move in any way or for any reason throughout the entire practice. Some of this prana is emitted from the sei “well” point of the lung meridian at the tip of the thumb.

Thrust the toes gheories outer side of theories of the chakras hiroshi motoyama left sole into the groove between the right calf and the thigh muscles. Keep the navel close to the floor.

Full text of ” Hiroshi Motoyama Theories Of The Chakras”

Concentration on the anahata and ajna chakras is also a very effective method to purify the mind. There are usually some psychological changes as well – the emotions are enriched, sensitivity theories of the chakras hiroshi motoyama increased, and the capacity for sympathy with others and the ability to control the emotions develop.

For example, chukan fchung- wan, CV12 refers to the twelfth point on the conception vessel meridian, pronounced “chukan” in Japanese and “chung-wan” in Chinese. It is the purpose of yoga to reach the state of oneness of subject and object in which true wisdom exists.

Want to Read saving…. Abdominal conditions such as excessive wind flatulenceconstipation, depressed liver function, etc. Of these three, the physical body and its mind exist and work in the tangible world. Close the right nostril and inhale through the left.

The value of sitting in Vajrasana to stimulate the muladhara chakra can be explained in terms of acupuncture theory. There are those who may claim that it is too grandiose a wish for us humans to become more than human. Truly Our Sister Elizabeth A.

Theories of the Chakras

However, when the subject, which confronts and stands in opposition to the object, is negated and transcended chakrs essential nature of the object may be perceived directly by the superconscious, rather than through the sensory organs.

Practicing the Power of Now Eckhart Tolle.

These will elongate in time. Exhale through the right nostril and then inhale through it, keeping the left nostril closed.