Spiritual THEORIES OF THE CHAKRAS It is an outstanding book from both the scientific and spiritual points of view. It is the unique r. Theories of the Bridge to Higher Consciousness HIROSHI MOTOYAMA Spiritual THEORIES OF THE CHAKRAS It is an outstanding book from both the scientific. Theories of the Chakras: Bridge to Higher Consciousness. Front Cover. Hiroshi Motoyama. New Age Books, – Chakras – pages.

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Thus the rotation of the knees and elbows is beneficial; stimulation of the hips and shoulder joints theorise similar effects. Furthermore, by first activating theories of the chakras hiroshi motoyama ajna the practitioner strongly stimulates the kundalini residing in the muladhara, owing to the direct connection between the two chakras.

On the muladhara chakra. Our present state is not the ultimate one; we stand at an intermediate stage or platform.

In addition to this, there is a transcendental source of energy known as kundalini. Repeat with the left foot. This is not a trance in the Western sense but in the yogic sense, one in which the student achieves a state of heightened consciousness. Chin mudra is performed in the theories of the chakras hiroshi motoyama way as jnana mudra except that the palms of both hands face upward.

Full text of ” Hiroshi Motoyama Theories Of The Chakras”

Dawn rated tne it was amazing Sep 23, The manuscript was completed through the cooperation of many people. This bandha closes the trachea and compresses the organs in theories of the chakras hiroshi motoyama throat. We have already seen how concentration on the tip of the nose stimulates the muladhara, due to the ida and pingala nadis which connect the two areas see Chapt.

For example, in Japan water asceticism – dousing oneself with buckets of icy water in midwinter, or standing under a waterfall – is widely practiced. Continue to hold the breath as long as possible and then exhale. The exoteric part of religion, therefore, represents man’s faith and devotion to deities working in close proximity to the physical world. Vayu refers not only to gases of the gastro-intestinal tract, but also to a type of prana, conceived as a subtle body fluid that flows through the nadis.

Tantra is not an Indian philosophy. This set, then, might be termed yang in theories of the chakras hiroshi motoyama to the other two, those that cannot be known by either the physical senses or the thinking rooted in physical sensations. Once a person realizes that everything he has – his body, his mind, life itself – is granted by God, that in effect he owns nothing, he experiences deep gratitude. These meridians are stimulated by the weight of the upper half of the body in Vajrasana, and this stimulation is transmitted to the muladhara chakra, helping to activate it.

Fasting and water asceticism facilitate the emergence of the superconscious by slowing the body’s metabolism and quieting the areas theories of the chakras hiroshi motoyama consciousness related to bodily functions.

In the case of dry movements, intake of salt or spices should be avoided and, if a loose movement should result, pranayama practice should be suspended while a diet of cereals riceand yogurt is adopted for a few days. Let us complete this chapter with a discussion of the beginning practices of yogic discipline, yama and niyama.

Close the right nostril with the thumb. The “digestive fire” of the manipura chakra is stimulated, improving the function of the abdominal organs.

Then inhale deeply, retain the breath, and perform jalandhara or mula bandha. Abdominal conditions such as excessive wind flatulenceconstipation, depressed liver function, etc.

Theories of the Chakras : Bridge to Higher Consciousness

Stephanie Mall rated it really liked it Nov 29, Motoyaam, science is based upon the contradistinction of subject and object. In Christianity, then, it is possible to regard Protestantism as the exoteric teaching and the sacraments of Catholicism as the jiroshi. Concentrate on the sahasrara chakra. Many of the mudras combine asana, pranayama, and bandha see Chapter Theories of the chakras hiroshi motoyama practices into one.

This practice cultivates the quality of serenity sattva. Motkyama consciousness thereby dwells in akasha, the “space” between the astral and physical dimensions. Here we shall briefly describe some of the basic mudras.

This book is not yet featured on Listopia. For as long as theories of the chakras hiroshi motoyama without strain. Darwin’s evolutionary theory is sound, but why aren’t its logical conclusions recognized today? Jnana and chin mudras are simple but important psycho-neural finger locks which complete the meditational asanas such as padmasana and siddhasana and make them more powerful.

All the abdominal organs are toned and abdominal disorders, such as diabetes, may slowly improve. It is a powerful technique for awakening the ajna chakra, the seat of union between the lower and higher consciousness. Keeping the legs straight, bend the arms and support the back with the hands.