The Enchanted: A Novel [Rene Denfeld] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A wondrous and redemptive debut novel, set in a stark world. “This is an enchanted place. Others don’t see it, but I do.” An award-winning novel set in an ancient stone prison, The Enchanted is viewed through the eyes of a. 8 Jan The nameless narrator calls the place enchanted, for the inmates are under the spell of death. Executions in the lethal injection chamber are.

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It is an issue that reflects on political partisanship by members of a United States Supreme Court shaped by the appointment of Justices during Republican administrations. I don’t think this is about whether or not the death penalty should be used or whether or not people deserve to die, it is far more complex than that.

The tragedy of our nameless narrator is he is incapable of speech. First, I love prison. It’s all about death row and the toll it takes on the inmates and staff, but there were times when it felt like Harry Potter when golden horses or small men with hammers came onto the scene. The Enchanted by Rene Denfeld My rating: Though bars confine him every minute of every day, he marries visions of golden horses running beneath the prison, heat flowing like molten metal from their backs with the devastating violence of prison life.

The Enchanted by Rene Denfeld

It enhanted clear from her very balanced portrayal of death row inmates that, indeed, as John Steinbeck said in East of Eden”There are monsters among us Jan 30, Hirdesh rated it really liked it. Corrupt administrators who become rich by promoting the trafficking of wnchanted drugs. I am now a ready and willing captive. Not only is the material heart-breaking, but the language Denfeld uses in her descriptions, the gentle magic of the imagination with which she imbues some of her characters is poetic and stunning.

Want to Read saving…. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. It can be an especially painful read. These writers compel us to bear witness to humanity’s darkest hours with beautiful language. We see both sides of the coin: The prison is old. Who can forgive him? View all hhe comments.

I am late to the party on this book and I’m going to be the odd one out on “The Enchanted”. Two outsiders venture here: Nice people usually do not end up on death row. The reader should never think that Denfeld perceives her clients as blameless, or innocent. The case she is working on now is most unusual because the prisoner, York, wants to die. Saying this book is dark is an understatement. She is an investigator for death-row inmates, and thus the model for The Lady.

As I write this, a Defendant who murdered his son the day before the child was to be christened on Easter Sunday, remains on death row after sixteen years. What an extraordinary novel. I picked up the paperback copy which I own – and started reading! I vow to give it a try, remindi Wild horses galloping underground.

It is a critical examination of mass incarceration, violence, and the meaning of justice and hope. That he is able to find enchantment in this darkest of situations is breathtaking.

Might it be a harsher punishment, even crueler, to keep them alive? In the death row of a stone prison somewhere in America, a nameless inmateentombed in a lightless dungeon, has constructed a fantastical appreciation for the world he inhabits, bringing a glorious light into his Stygian darkness. Amanda Coplin’s The Orchardist. Denfeld’s storytelling and her use of language were pretty fantastic.

The exquisite writing of Rene Denfeld is like no other. I try to avoid reading the synopsis of books so that I am surprised – thus, I judged this book by its cover and it’s name.

It has been selected for community and campus deneld, including All Rochester Reads, and has been adapted to both the London and Edinburgh stage. In many ways it is an arduous responsibility that diminishes the spirit of the Prosecutor and takes an emotional toll that we in that profession rarely speak of.

He sees small men with hammers in the walls a particularly Lovecraftian notion and flibber-gibbets, beings who feed on the warmth of death itself. It is about denfsld lady who continues to investigate backgrounds of hopeless, ruined men to perhaps save a life, a lady with her own damaged past looking for answers. If denfrld are located outside the U. An amazing book which grabbed me on page one and didn’t let me go until the very last word.

Digging into the background of a killer named York, she uncovers wrenching truths that challenge familiar notions of victim and fnchanted, innocence and guilt, honor and corruption-ultimately revealing shocking secrets of her own. The important part is the window on the far wall.

‘A fascinating insight into the prison system’ – The Enchanted by Rene Denfeld

A wondrous book that enhanted transcendence in the most unlikely of places. Rene Denfeld’s extraordinary debut The Enchanted is one such book. So for me, one the outcome of the Presidential Election ofwill be who fills the current vacancy on our Supreme Court and any future appointments. I’m finding it hard to relate a story that felt as if I was in an enchanted place, and yet is a story of prison, death, death row, a woman who comes to exchange death for life renf, and a priest who is disgraced.

The outside is one wild circus where people and ideas clash.