Stolen Night [Rebecca Maizel] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Stolen Nights (Vampire Queen, book 2) by Rebecca Maizel – book cover, description, publication history. 23 Jan Review of the sequel to “Infinite Days” by Rebecca Maizel, “Stolen Nights.” Now that Lenah is human again, they must reconcile their haunting.

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Maizel has taken this story to a whole new level where I just want to scream. He has this huge sense of honour and justice and the love that he has is rebeecca so pure and real and transcendent.

I didn’t imagine it, didn’t thought of it. Hints of his vampire self before manage to show though, with his eagerness to kill the new vampire in Wickham. There were a few sparks of interesting turns in this story, but not enough to save the book for me. renecca

The Golden Tower Holly Black. If they can’t be with the guy they believe they love, they have no issue just using another in his place. He is now in the nigths and not liking it at all. They don’t have a life anymore and that’s what I liked in SN too, vamps could do magic.

Another amazing feature in Stolen Night is the mythology used in it and the vampire lore.

No I’m not rating the book because of Rhode. And I don’t mind love triangles, but what I do mind, is when a heroine HAS decided what she wants and still continues to string along the wrong person. Is it safe to say that I am ruined by the epicness and complexity to the characters in Stolen Night? Throughout SN, Lenah is pushed and pulled, dragged kicking and thrown against walls as her human self attempts to defend her new found friends.

I did like Vicken, though. Because I don’t want to spoil it totally, I’ll give some overall points about the book and characters. Hey, at least it is out on my birthday, that’s good, right? How long should we wait for it?! Stolen Nights Rebecca Maizel. I have to say Vicken is a great supporting character and I even laughed a few times at his antics.

Stolen Nights : Rebecca Maizel :

Believe me when I say that I’m not complaining about where things are amizel. Getting a book released in the UK from the US. The love interest is of course The Assassin’s Blade Sarah J.

Crown of Midnight Sarah J. Goodreads is the world’s largest site for readers with over 50 million reviews. I have already pre-ordered this through Borders I was ready for a showdown between two of the most power women in this book, but sadly, that never came. Stolen Nights was a refreshing book to read. So I really wish they’ll still be together. I really want to tell you so much more, expect the unexpected and be prepared to cry.

They own my heart.

Stolen Nights

After hibernating for years,she wakes up as a human teenager enrolled at the exclusive Wickham Boarding School. Quotes from Stolen Nights. If it took so long to release this book, because it was a hard process to finally get to the end of this book Apr 26, Rachel rated it it was amazing.

I understand now that she is the hunted, the tables have turned, and I don’t fault her for being scared for her life. In the first book I didn’t like her, but in this one I full on hate her. Want to Read saving….

Stolen Night

msizel You thought I would give it away. While still pining for and at times actively pursuing their one true love. AHHH I don’t think there’s another book after this, which makes it even more sad.

A new chance at life, at reversing the evil in my past. And then these Aeris Oct 07, Casey rated it it was amazing.

stolfn A piercing story that will make you long for more, Stolen Nights brings new life to YA. I’ll make mention of them though because I think they were worth noting in the context of the story. I like him too.