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Electric Guitar Grade 8 The Grade 8 Guitar exam is for candidates who have mastered advanced technical control and rockschool grade 8 guitar a thorough grasp of extended stylistic techniques. To be prepared in two positions.

In Grade 8 you will be asked to explain and demonstrate: Find a centre We have exam centres all across the UK and in 38 other grad around the globe. At Grade 8 level there are four groups of technical work.

The QSP is in the form of a lead sheet and it is up to you to create your own rockschool grade 8 guitar of the music in the parts marked for improvisation.

Find a teacher near you via our extensive online database. Performance Pieces At Grade 8 the pieces last up guktar a maximum of 3 minutes rockschool grade 8 guitar seconds. You will be asked to play the chord sequence rockschool grade 8 guitar the drum backing in the rhythm shown in the Grade 8 book. RSL advocates an open access approach to qualifications, providing a range of syllabi, designed to accommodate a wide variety of candidates rockschool grade 8 guitar different ages, experience and levels of achievement.

The first position is to be prepared on the E string from the starting notes of G-B chromatically. Exam time Grade Exam: The first note of the melody will be either the guitarr, third or fifth note and the first interval will gkitar either ascending or descending. The backing track will grad played twice more. Find your nearest UK centre.

The names of pitches Any expressive musical marking found in the piece such as palm muting, accents, staccato, legato, vibrato Any dynamic marking found in the piece One type of scale that can be used appropriately in the solo section of the piece you have played and its relation to the underlying harmony ggrade the piece Instrument Knowledge The examiner will also ask you one question regarding your instrument.

You will then be asked to identify the chord sequence you have played to the examiner. Pieces should be selected carefully to ensure that the pieces provide suitable opportunity for candidates to demonstrate the relevant assessment criteria.

General Musicianship Questions In this part of guihar exam, you will be asked five questions. Your choice of style will determine the style of the Quick Study Piece.

You will hear the test twice.

Electric Guitar

There will be a short gap for you to practise after you have heard the test for the second time. The Grade 8 Guitar exam is for candidates who have mastered advanced technical control and have a thorough vrade of extended stylistic techniques. At all levels of examination, if any outcomes or assessed criteria cannot be demonstrated or are demonstrated less securely as a result of the equipment, this may be reflected in the marks awarded.

Looking for a teacher in your region? You will be shown the test and played rockschool grade 8 guitar track with the notated parts played.

E major pentatonic or F minor pentatonic or B natural minor Tempo: UCAS Points For students applying for work or University, many potential employers see graded music exams in a very positive way.

In Grade 8 you will be asked to identify: The examiner will ask a selection from each group and before you start the section you will be asked whether you would like to play the exercises along with the click or hear a single bar of click before you commence the test.

The examiner will play you a tonic chord followed by a four bar chord sequence in the key of A major played to a bass and drum backing. The sequence will be drawn from the I, ii, iii, IV, V and vi chords and may occur in any combination. Each time the test is played the sequence is: RSL is committed to maintaining rockschool grade 8 guitar improving its reputation for excellence by providing high quality education and training through its rockschool grade 8 guitar, examinations, music and resources.

Rockschool Electric Guitar Grade 8 – Are you ready for the greatest challenge?

The Guitar Grade 8 book is a vital aid rockschool grade 8 guitar mastering the pro-level material in your exam. Four of these questions will be about general music knowledge and the fifth question will be rockschool grade 8 guitar about rockkschool instrument. You will hear the count-in and tonic for the third time followed by a vocal count-in then you will play the chords to the drum backing.

Additional Information The Value of RSL Qualifications RSL advocates an open access approach to qualifications, providing a range of syllabi, designed to accommodate a wide variety of candidates of different ages, experience and levels of achievement.

In this part of the exam, you will be asked five questions. Instrument Specification Candidates are reminded that it is their responsibility to select and provide an appropriate musical instrument for each syllabus to allow demonstration of the relevant stylistic and technical skills within their performance.

Candidates are reminded that if a chosen Free Choice Piece does not meet these requirements this may impact on rockzchool level of achievement possible within the examination. Candidates choose to play rockschool grade 8 guitar Performance Pieces or Technical Exercises first. Any bars that require rockschool grade 8 guitar will not be demonstrated.

Find a teacher Looking for guifar teacher in your region? Own compositions are also acceptable.