In this book, philosopher Paul Brunton () encounters the mysteries and magic of Egypt in the s, including an eerie yet illuminating night spent. 22 Jan Book Source: Digital Library of India Item : Paul : ioned. 19 Apr It is an honor for me and for my whole generation to be present for agriculture similar to the first tree of the digital knowledge. MOHAMED ABD.

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The author has spent a lot of his time in unraveling many secrets of Egypt and provides us with unique perspectives into a lot of things.

Jan 24, Samyuktha Ell rated it it was amazing. The reason I haven’t give this book 5 stars is that it becomes tedious in the middle; nevertheless, it paul brunton a search in secret egypt a must read for it throws light upon an advanced civilisation of the past.

Paul Brunton continued to write after his final publication inand a significant portion of his large archive of original writings was posthumously published by Larson Publications as “The Notebooks of Paul Brunton” in 16 volumes. He sleeps in the Great Pyramid.

A Search In Secret Egypt

Ra-Mak-Hotep wasted no time on preliminaries ehypt plunged straightway into the subject of his message: In the repose of the latter there is really much activity; they are not really in trance states, as the world understands that word. Mandy Lai rated it liked it Paul brunton a search in secret egypt 25, He was one of the first persons to write accounts of what he learned about spirituality in the East, and his works have had a major influence on the spread of Eastern philosophy and mysticism to the West.

Their spirits move and travel, their mind think in a condition of full consciousness and they have the advantage of being aware of two worlds — the material and the spirit worlds.

Trivia About A Search in Secre Nov 23, Chathurni Kavindaya rated it it was amazing. He left a journalistic career to live among yogis, mystics, and holy men, and studied a wide variety of Eastern and Western esoteric teachings. Paul brunton a search in secret egypt author introduces us to the faith-based power of a real snake-charmer; he encounters a working magician, a renowned fakir Tahra Bey – Houdini’s main competitorand a ghostly presence amongst the ruins of Karnak.

I imagine he sported a neat moustache, a walking stick and a rather fetching hat. But paul brunton a search in secret egypt is not. CA rated it it was amazing Aug 20, Craig Pringle rated i it was amazing Jan 09, I sat on secrt long block of stone carved with hieroglyphs, while the Adept squatted cross-legs on the same block, and faced me.

There is, however, the vital difference that they have never had their hearts cut out as was done with real mummies. Let the world stop opening those graves until it has acquired sufficient knowledge to comprehend the serious results of what it is doing. Open Preview See a Problem? Part of the ritual of awakening consist in chanting certain secret ‘Words of Power’.

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A search in secret Egypt,

He left a journalistic career to live among yogis, mystics, and holy men, and studied a wide variety of Eastern and Western esoteric teachings. They know what is going on in the entire world, despite the fact that their bodies are interred.

Whether it heeds it or not, let the world receive this message: Alexandra rated it it was amazing Dec 13, Melissa rated it it was amazing Jan 22, The Egyptian Adepts however, remain fully conscious during their internment, and although their bodies paul brunton a search in secret egypt coma, their spirits are free and working.

Todor15 eggypt it it was ok Jul 04, Certainly a unique read, this. Won’t searcy to everyone – you have to have a fascination in Egypt, and have a willingness to get in touch with your internal hippy.

Lists with This Book. Moreover, they are in constant telepathic communication with certain living Adepts of our time who themselves possess a functioning body. Not the best book I’ve ever read, but certainly the most unique. Great travel account of the 30’s in Egypt, where the author meets a range of remarkable and mysterious characters, reminding brubton much to my own travels of Egypt.

A Search in Secret Egypt

This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Such a man functions in the inner realms of being, or even on the physical realm by using his etheric body.

If the latter were not magical, it linked up with evil entities, then no harm could result from their appropriation and rifling, but if they were so linked, then their unsealing may bring misfortune and disaster. I do not like to use the brubton ‘trance’ xecret their case because it gives the wrong impression, but I know no other paul brunton a search in secret egypt which can fitly be employed.

They are all working very actively in secret for the spiritual welfare of mankind. There are really profound degrees of trance which modern investigators have never traced.

A Chapter from the book A Search in Secret Egypt by Dr Paul Brunton

When the time comes to awaken them, the ritual of arousal will have to be performed by one of the latter. Yet you must know that his mind was very much alive, because on your second visit he escret only knew all about your first one, but mentioned his objection to your ahving attempted to take his photograph then. Paul brunton a search in secret egypt buried Egyptian Adepts are mentally in a similar condition while physically their bodies are, of course, much more profoundly entranced.

His theory of an alternative history of Old Egypt is refreshing and stunning but mostly inspiring.