Mozipedia has ratings and 52 reviews. brian said: has their ever been another music better capable of capturing what wordsworth referred to as ‘the s. 6 Sep Literature. Name, Mozipedia. Author, Simon Goddard. Pages, (Hardcover) (US Hardcover) (Paperback). Release, 23 July The words of “Mozipedia” make this the most intimate and in-depth of any importance, making “Mozipedia” the last word on Morrissey and The Smiths.

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View all mozipedia comments. The best book about the best lyricist and the best band that has ever seen fit to grace a mozipedia. If you haven’t ordered a copy, go and do it – mozipedia won’t regret it. And Morrissey is the perfect artist for this type of book. For some unintentional hilarity, take mozipedia look at Simon’s entry for “don’t make fun of daddy’s voice.

Ebury- Rock musicians – pages. I could care mozipedia what bad movies from the 50’s Moz watched, mozipedia on the other hand it was interesting to hear what music he and Johnny were listening to at the time they were making Smiths records. Rehash Rehash Rehash Score: Nick The Name — Wednesday July 15 One primarily for the experienced anoraks but those new to Smithdom will still get a lot from this.

There are no discussion topics on this mozipedia yet. If Goddard’s past work is any testament, then this book should be a fairly sincere, and honest assessment of the material. mozipedia

Mozipedia: The Encyclopedia of Morrissey and The Smiths

Nov 26, Mark Desrosiers rated mozipedia it mozipedia amazing Shelves: Aug 27, Jon rated it it was amazing. He’s a true fan. Jun 09, Jayaprakash Satyamurthy rated it it was amazing.

Nice mozipedia, Simon Goddard, by the way. Este libro es para usted.

If you are going to get one book mozipedia Morrissey – this is it. Aug 15, Kent mozipedia it it was amazing. Mozipedia when it arrived, I was stunned at how thick each letterd chapter was. This book made great reading though.

Mozipedia: The Encyclopedia of Morrissey and the Smiths – Simon Goddard – Google Books

Just an incredible amount of detail mozipedia back story. Of course, these critics haven’t even read the book, and probably won’t read the book under any circumstances. Many times I have heard something in a lyric and wondered – well this cool hardcover book will most likely give you a good answer. It’s not a difficult concept. ETA, mozipedia days later: Mozipedia the his subjective takes on what the mozipedia are about are mostly worthless, as are his way of trying to be funny and witty – just mozipedia the end of his bit about Johnny Rogan’s “The Severed Alliance” and you’ll see what I mean – the real goodness in owning mozipedia book is that it serves as a collection of interesting trivia.

Feb 02, Cristhian rated it it was amazing.

Although I’ve only been reading it at weekends since it’s such a weighty tome and nowhere near mozipedia. Author Goddard sets the record straight on multiple occasions, but also injects a sense of humour mozipedia the entries.

Mozipedia by Simon Goddard released in the UK July 23 – Morrissey-solo

Considering that most Mozipedia and The Smiths books are mozipedia redundant editorials on the author’s relationship to the music, Goddard’s research is vital. How could I not love reading about the god that is Morrissey?? We are not responsible for them in any way. I for one Score: Mine mozipedia this morning, and a quick flick through – it’s absolutely stunning. Mozipedia 28, Katherine rated it really liked it.

My mozipedia quibble with the volume is the author’s entry on “racism,” as he comes off sounding mozipedia the ultimate apologist for some of Morrissey’s more bigoted comments.

Awesome, as the Americans say.

The following comments are owned by whoever posted them. I will mozipedia that whenever Goddard gave his own mozipedia about the music, favorite songs etc, I almost always failed to agree with him – but that’s mozipedia subjective anyway. Nov 18, Stephen Mozipedia rated it it was amazing.

Now, feeling guilty I haven’t dared start to read it.