8 Aug GRLWEAP Fundamentals. 2. CONTENT. • Introduction. • Why, when and where wave equation. • Wave Equation Models: Hammer, Pile, Soil. s: GRLWEAP (PC’s). Hammer Performance Study. , FHWA Manual updates. Some important developments in. Dynamic Pile Analysis. 12 Jun Figure A typical driveability graph from GRLWEAP Goble Rausche Likins and Associates () GRL WEAP Wave Equation Manual;.

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Emhasis is placed on a discussion of the operation of diesel hamers and how that operation is modeled by WEAP. In the grlweap manual decade techniques have become available that can convert grlweap manual very artistic approach to a scientific one.

The contents of this narrative grlweap manual deal with background, models and applications of the Wave Equation. Grlwexp are the stresses in the pile during driving? Goble A recent research project sponsored by the Federal Highway Administration produced a new wave equation computer program grlweap manual the analysis of pile driving WEAP. This can produce resultant tension stresses in the pile that can be sufficiently large enough to cause tension cracking of the concrete.

To load and start the programs grlweaap the following: All mathematical grlweap manual must be calibrated to field conditions in an area. The history of grlweap manual strain integrity testing is presented briefly and the history of the International Stress Wave Conferences is summarized.

The Federal Highway Administration sponsored research to develop better manuak for predicting pile capacity and a method evolved based on the work of Smith using the wave equation analogy as a means of modelling the pile driving operation and the resulting capacity of the pile.

The estimation of pile driving costs remains today a very inexact activity not greatly changed over the past half century. The third volume was prepared to aid the grlweap manual operator during the initial stages of program and data file loading. Steel pipe and Grlweap manual section grlweap manual piles typically are of sufficient length to be friction piles and exhibit set-up after the end of initial driving EOID.

Early approaches used semi-empirical methods for making these predictions. Examples and some useful numerical values will be given.

The following discussion presents a review of available analytical methods and gives examples both of equipment used for measurements and of results obtained. To find out more, including how to control cookies, grlweap manual here: The development grlweap manual an accurate and reliable accelerometer was somewhat slower than the force measurement capability grlweap manual usable devices were available manuual the time of the Michigan pile tests of grwleap These methods range from purely analytical to experimental.

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Is the pile structurally sound pile integrity? Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: In this paper grlweap manual procedure will be presented for determining the maximum tension stress in the pile grlweap manual measurements at the pile top. Recommended resistance factors from the visual tail fit procedure on grlweap manual likely best fit to ODOT practice scenario containing all soil and pile types were 0.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Grlweap manual your comment here Finally a list of American codes and standards relating to this topic is included. You are commenting using your Facebook account. However, the critical tension stress location will not be at the gage location so the magnitude of maximum tension stresses cannot be readily determined.

The success of these early attempts was mixed.

In this discussion of impact problems, the wave mechanics of both continuous and discrete pile models are illustrated. These predictions, while still of limited reliability, are at least better than any other available grlweap manual.

Except for the grlweap manual graphic most of the output of WEAP87 is either text on the screen or text files.

What mmanual the static bearing capacity of the pile given observations taken during pile driving? Finally the large volume pf available measurements of force and acceleration at the pile top were used to test the program performance.

You are commenting using your WordPress. The Connecticut Department of Transportation has conducted many load tests on piles over the years. The specific grlweap manual included are: