Exterminate All the Brutes: One Man’s Odyssey into the Heart of Darkness and the Origins of European Genocide [Sven Lindqvist, Joan Tate] on In a chilling and controversial book, Swedish author Sven Lindqvist recounts the grisly history of nineteenth-century European imperialism and its connection to. Exterminate All the Brutes has ratings and 98 reviews. Using Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness as his point of departure, Sven Lindqvist takes us on a.

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For instance, a new majority consciousness now supports equality, yet there is also a hhe embodied in the murders in a Charleston church, in anti-immigrant campaigners, in an economic polarization almost as great as the Depression, in men who are the most likely killers and abusers of the women in their lives, and in patriarchal religions that reward an earthly hierarchy with an unprovable afterlife.

Exterminate All the Brutes Summary

I’d much rather not have a sofa and use my time to do some reading, writing, loving and experiencing life. He also uses what we already know as a bridge. Science was used to legitimize conquest and extermination brought on by the Europeans.

Countries such as Great Britain, France, Germany and the United States all expanded their empires by conquering other countries or expanding east or west. As project, it’s a massive undertaking; but as crit-lit it reads very well. Written in a diary-like format. I wish this could be included in school canons around the so called western civilization.

The core of the thing is that Lindqvist is grappling with Holocaust exceptionalism; he doesn’t deny its status as most-awful-to-succeed, but rather argues, coherently, that it’s a pattern stitched deep. Even if we will not admit it, we know the oppression that goes on today.

Sven Lindqvist: a life in writing

Even without such wisdom, I doubt that any reader can leave this book without feeling anger that we see news about, say, violence in the Democratic Republic of the Congo without reference to its long history as a Belgian colony; a regime that ended only in Lindqvist’s main thesis is similar to Aime Cesaire’s in Discourse on Colonialism – the origins of the Holocaust are rooted in the techniques of war and technology of exploitation and ‘murder from a distance’ which were developed in the colonial empire A fierce, if meandering, set of miniature essays revolving around a trip through the Sahara, a biography of Joseph Conrad and his Heart of Darknessand the history of race and genocide.

Maybe I’ll write more about it later. The image of the divers who descended bravely into lindqviist wells to find water beneath the desert becomes, as Richard Gott sveen, ” a metaphor for the European adventurers who had also plunged into the environment of the desert, excited both by its strangeness and by the sense of danger”.

Sven Lindqvist has written something that is unlike anything I have ever read.

Quotes from Exterminate All T Before Linnaeus proposed his ideas, race had been used to distinguish between different nationalities. This also suggested the different human races were engaged in a competitive struggle to survive.

Jul 24, Elliot Ratzman rated it really liked it. Apr 02, A. He points at his twitching leg, which I thought a sign of his irritation at my inept questions. Retracing the steps of European explorers, missionaries, politicians, and historians in Africa from the late eighteenth century onward, the author exposes the roots of genocide in Africa via his own journey through the Saharan desert.

Lindqvist also [oh, yeah This should be a must read. We lack the courage to see what is right in front of us. He’ll leap from an account of a dream into a passage of shattering political rage. The best book I’ve read about the subject. Due to the discovery of natural selection and extinction, Europeans were able to justify the extermination of different people.

Thanks for telling us about the problem. View all 4 comments. Un gruppo di africani dopo aver conosciuto gli europei. I revolted against the idea that I would have to do work I didn’t want to do just in order to pay instalments on a sofa.

That aestheticised self, steeped in Chinese culture, seeking mystic calm and refuge from a degraded west, was submitted to something very like Maoist self-criticism in his book The Myth of Wu Tao-Tzupossibly his finest and certainly most philosophically profound work which Granta is to publish in English for the first time in August. Steinem was born in Toledo, Ohio, and was raised by a single mother from her tenth year on.

By linking colonial racial attitudes British, French, German and other colonisers to broader elements of post-enlightenment thinking and arguing for a profound racism that runs through much of European thinking Lindquvist also effectively and disturbingly historicises the Nazi extermination of Jews, Slavs, Gypsies and others they labelled ‘subhumans’ in a way that challenges our views of its German exceptionalism while also asserting its unique circumstances – although disturbingly since he wrote the book a number of more recent cases of genocide and genocide-like events have weakened that sense of the unique status of the Holocaust – and demands that we confront racism in all its forms.

The rich understanding that results is of a continuous progress of policies and attitudes that undermines an ahistorical view of genocide that seems to pop into the modern mind from nowhere. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. It is about the intellectual history of genocide in Africa under European colonialism. How odd that you weren’t there to engage with socialist revolution.

Exterminate All the Brutes Summary –

The text he wrote, entitled “A London Address”, hardly disappoints. As Lindqvist points out, it is not knowledge we lack. Conrad himself was the riverboat captain he wrote about, and he actually witnessed the crazed colonial who displayed the heads of Africans on poles as a decoration in his flower garden.

Should be a schoolbook all around the world. Lindqvist manages to weave together an impressive variety of themes [to] point to the continuity between prejudices and acts separated by continents and centuries. I was often in the position wishing I had been with Sven this is how I gradually came to think of Lindqvist as he travelled through the Sahara, stayed in that dusty hotel, and people-watched from his hotel room with a vista on the town square.

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