EXOSKELETON – A Novel Psychological thriller, horror, and science fiction all in one Shane Stadler © ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. View Desktop Version . SynopsiS (Exoskeleton). ​ called the Exoskeleton, of which he becomes the tortured, organic innards. Shane Stadler © ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. The latest Tweets from Shane Stadler (@Exo). Novelist, physicist, professor, and physics textbook author check out my sci-fi/horror novel EXOSKELETON.

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Sadly I have a feeling this was a one off which is a shame as Shane Stadler did an amazing job with this book shhane could have taken it further. I gave it two stars only because I finished it, and I only finished it because I kept hoping it would get better. Omniscient will be next.

As his only hope for redemption, he opts for the latter, and finds himself in a horrific situation that transforms him into something the world has never seen. As a reader, you empathize with Will as he’s tortured mentally and physically. Why they are torturing I stayed up tonight to finish this book. The ending, I thought was somewhat disappointing and I felt as if he had got bored of writing the book and just wanted it to end. Be true to yourself, always. There were very few errors in the kindle version I read.

This is a brilliant spine tingling horror, fantasy book. Post your horror covers on Instagram and win Paperbacks from Hell.

Live in the house of horror. He has created a number of characters who are well developed and engaging, I hope to see more of them in the sequel. The story is captivating in its horror.

The story is fast paced and a This is a brilliant spine tingling horror, fantasy book. Which 3 horror books do you keep returning to? It was a lot better than I thought it would be – and it kept me guessing throughout As his tormentors increase the level of pain they inflict on him; it’s not long before he has his first out of body experience – where he can’t feel the pain anymore.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Apr 28, The Behrg rated it liked it. Thompson is most tenacious and refuses to give into their venomous ways.

I love scifi, I guess I just wanted to feel something more for the main character, sort of like as I read The Martian.


Otherwise, it was a g So I consumed this book in a single day, as I am prone to do, and I am glad I did. Seeing all the 5-star reviews, Edoskeleton expected deeply dark and disturbing terror novel with some wicked twists and turns, but this book didn’t make me feel anything but let down.

On the other hand these edoskeleton contribute to an even darker terror, the realization that Will Thompson is condemned and completely alone.

Even though i lacked a connection with the main character, and was unimpressed with the depictions of the time in the suit, it was worth the read. This is one of those books that could have, should have been so, so much better!! And it’s uncomfortably close to the kind of horrific reality that we see unfolding in dtadler torture like waterboarding.

This is at least partially due to the crossing of genres horror to SF to supernatural — it catches readers off guard. It just let me down a little. Sam Missingham October 28, Five different points of view are masterfully employed in the telling of this story.

Shne 15, Peggy rated it it was amazing.

Meet author Shane Stadler @Exo #HorrorLounge — Lounge Books

As many reviewers have already commented, the torture scenes in the story a The story is set in the near future where we meet William Thompson the main character as he starts a 1 year “compressed punishment” programme run by the government after he is given the choice between that and a much longer prison sentence by his judge. Some of the perpetrators are dyed-in-the-wool sadists, it is true, but most of them are “just doing their job” or believe that their actions serve the greater good, which I found much more chilling than the traditional “me villain, you victim” relationship.

The author is an experimental physicist which gives the book something that normal horror books don’t have. The author is Shane Stadler. Oct 03, Joe Eliot rated it liked it.

Kudos to the publishing company that specializes in publishing horror books. I loved the concept and had been looking forward to this one.