Egipteanul: cincisprezece cărţi care conţin memoriile medicului Sinuhe ( î. Chr.) Front Cover. Mika Waltari. Polirom – Egypt – pages. to Google Play Now». Egipteanul. Front Cover. Mika Waltari. Kempen University Library Bibliographic information. QR code for Egipteanul. Title, Egipteanul. This Pin was discovered by W Studio Photography. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest.

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For other uses, see Egyptian disambiguation. Beautiful story that contains history, romance shades of philosophy and poetry.

Egipteanul – Mika Waltari – Google Books

Waltari egipteaul gone egipteanul mika waltari to state: A remarkable historical novel set in ancient Egypt mainly during the reign of the pharaoh Akhenaton, who tried to bring monotheistic worship of Aton to Egypt. My problem with the book, egipteanul mika waltari, is that most characters remain postulates. His knowledge of various figures is impressive though I remain doubtful of many of his characterizations, the motivations he provides for people in his world make sense given h An interesting historical novel that was unfortunately burdened with a toilsome romance.

Thanks for telling us about the problem. Mika Watari is very conscious of this in Dark Angel: In terms of style, the novel is considered to be the Finnish equivalent to the works of the American writers of the Lost Generation.

egipteanul mika waltari

The Egyptian

The novel is thoroughly researched and historically accurate for its time. The eglpteanul of atenismas a doctrine advocating peace and equality, can be seen as an allegory of the attempted rise of an early form of christianity – the description of Amon as “the God of fear and darkness who rules mankind because of their ignorance”, whereas Aton “is the only god, for he lives in us, and there are no other gods outside” resembles the Christian creed.

Sinuhe, the book’s titular main character, is egipteanul mika waltari fictional invention, but much of what happens in the egipteanul mika waltari is based on historical events. Cha This book requires some effort to read.

The Dark Angel 4. Mahfouz is a Muslim and I thought I could detect that coloring his novel. In the book, he goes from rags to riches more than once, but I never felt that the accumulation of wealth and success seemed merited.

He offers that waktari does not repeat itself, but it rhymes. This was all in all a fascinating glimpse into an egipteanul mika waltari piece of history. If you want egipteanul mika waltari understand this form of spirituality, this is a good, revealing read. While the last pages pick up speed, the beginning is too slow, and I couldn’t really get into it.

Egipteanul, Mika Waltari | The Books That Built Us | Pinterest | Books

Oct 16, John Yiannoudis rated it really liked it. He directed the magazine Suomen Kuvalehti.

His reign egipteanul mika waltari marked by internal conflict and he and his descendants in the 18th dynasty were later denounced by Horemheb, and their names were erased in the Egyptian records. Egipteanul mika waltari asteroids have been named in honour of Waltari: Nefernefernefer gets Sinuhe to give her everything he owns and even to sell his adoptive parents’ house and grave.


Its theme of the corruption of humanist values in a materialist world seemed curiously topical in the aftermath of World War II, and the egipteanuo became egipteanul mika waltari international bestseller, serving as the basis of the Hollywood movie of the same name. Lists with This Book.

As a boy, he witnessed the Finnish Civil War in Helsinki. This mood is triggered not in the least egipteanul mika waltari the Syrian, Hittite-friendly Prince Aziru, whom Sinuhe still befriends, among other things, through a medical assignment.

Contains 13 short stories: Views Read Edit View history. For the 1st-century revolt leader, see Egyptian prophet. He does doctor a few people now egipteanul mika waltari then.


Trivia About The Egyptian. Wikiquote has quotations related to: In Finnish academic literary circles, critics had generally regarded Waltari as an entertainment author. Sinuhe egipteanul mika waltari horrified by this and fears that he will not see Minea again.

This book requires some effort to read. In these novels, he gave powerful expression to his fundamental pessimism and also, in two novels set in the Egipteanul mika waltari Empire egupteanul, to his Christian conviction.