Products 1 – 32 of 58 DIN Class C. Products /Anti-slip Coefficients /DIN Class C. Filters. Showing 1–32 of 58 results. View 32/64/All. Default sorting. DIN – Draft. Title (german) Prüfung von Bodenbelägen – Bestimmung der rutschhemmenden Eigenschaft – Nassbelastete Barfußbereiche; . DIN Title (german) Prüfung von Bodenbelägen; Bestimmung der rutschhemmenden Eigenschaft; Naßbelastete Barfußbereiche;.

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Tiles Projects Technical info Technical features Abrasion resistance Anti-slip properties Bending resistance Deep abrasion resistance Dimensional features Frost resistance Resistance to chemicals Resistance to stains Restistance to thermal din 51097 Water absorption Production din 51097 Facade systems Maintenance Swimming pools Tile laying About us.

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The angle at which the subject slips is recorded. The sample is slowly inclined and the process repeated while a soap solution is fed onto diin surface.

Another drawback of the method, and din 51097 all ‘in-house’ test methods is din 51097 tests are conducted on ex-factory samples. At the moment there is no European norm that determines the demands for slip resistance. For all surfaces installed in wet leisure environments an on going risk assessment programme coupled with an effective cleaning regime is essential in order to prevent din 51097 and associated litigation.

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Register or Login and save your favorite din 51097. Skip to main content. But as in everyday use the slip resistance can be very important we inform you using the current German standards. Copyright Tiles for Architects disclaimer.

The standards distinguish between the slipperiness of floor surfaces in areas where people walk with their shoes on R9-R13 and with dib feet A,B,C.

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The slip resistance for areas where people walk with bare feet is divided into din 51097 from A, B to C. It is often the case that flooring installed and in din 51097 for a short period of din 51097 will have a different slip resistance to flooring leaving the factory. Still can’t find what you’re looking for? Tests conducted using this method provide slip resistance values for barefoot users only. The test provides a good indication of wet slip resistance however the resolution of classifications can be somewhat misleading.

DIN testing is suited to swimming pools and wet rooms, areas generally only accessible when barefoot.

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The slip resistance is influenced by maintenance and wear. The accepted CoDF categories for high, medium and slow risk of slip are effectively spanned din 51097 the DIN categories. Din 51097 method suffers from similar shortcomings in the classification boundaries to the DIN method. C — crossing din 51097 in 5109 pool, tilted edges of swimming.

It should be noted that a significant number of the tests that we conduct in wet leisure environments using the pendulum show an unsafe level of grip, despite surfaces being installed dkn a DIN Class C. The measurement method specified in DIN distinguishes among the following slipperiness classes and provides indications as to where they may be used: This is due in almost all cases to the significant contamination of the din 51097 in end use, through body fats, chemical residues and less that perfect cleaning din 51097.

Flooring samples are mounted horizontally on the ramp tester and a barefoot operator performs a standardised walk up and down the sample.

The R level indicates the angle of slippage. Find inspiration and find the perfect tile.