QR code for Camasa lui Hristos. Title, Camasa lui Hristos. Author, Lloyd Cassel Douglas. Publisher, Moldova, ISBN, X, Camasa Lui Hristos. Autor: LLoyd C. Douglas EDITURA LUCIA, Nr. pag. Categories: Autori Straini, Beletristica. Share on: Share on facebook Share. Film – The Robe / Camasa lui Hristos (English-cu instructiuni pentru subtitrare in L. Romana) | agnus dei – english + romanian blog.

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Congregational minister Douglas uses these camasa lui hristos as a take-off point camasq this novel, speculating about the effect of the robe on the fictional Roman officer camasa lui hristos wins it, and on the r John’s Gospel My mother and I read this book sitting on a quilt pallet out in the heat with a pitcher of iced lemonade in the summer in Brookshire, Texas.

The people scream for the death of lii man Marcellus never heard of. Camasa lui hristos 18, Grace Crandall rated it liked it. It’s a great reminder that every society has it’s rise and fall and those that are at disadvantage often learn how to fight their way to the top.

And you as the reader get camasa lui hristos experience that with him. Open Preview See a Problem? In the Bible, it said after Jesus died, soldiers cast lots for His robe.

Camasa Lui Hristos – Free Download PDF

Kui of the accounts are what we’ve read about in the New Testament all our lives, but the fictional stories of how those teachings changed camasa lui hristos lives of humble people in forsaken villages in a forsaken countryside made me understand how Christianity spread the camasa lui hristos over, regardless of the Romans trying to squelch it out and how the influence of a few compassionate acts can slowly, quietly change camssa for generations exponentially.

The characters camasa lui hristos Hristls and Marcellus were extremely well-developed I admit, I fell a little in love with Demetriusand the story itself was powerful and seemed to be going somewhere. Marcellus Gallio is a high-born, somewhat camasa lui hristos Roman Tribune who gets shipped to the fractious province of Judaea, and is conscripted into helping execute a young Jewish man accused of treas Lloyd C. By the end of the book, I was rooting for Caligula view spoiler [while Marcellus and Diana rode off in the tumbrel to the guillotine walked off to their execution martyrdom that they were gagging for.

The story is basically Marcellus encountering events from the end of camzsa Gospels and Acts, which was really cool. Marcellus just can’t get enough of hearing about him.

If you believe in Jesus, you will not die, but have everlasting life.

His written works were of a moral, didactic, and camasa lui hristos religious tone. A side effect was hhristos This is the 1st book I’ve ever read by Lloyd C. Jan 18, Trace rated camasa lui hristos really liked it.

Return to Book Page. It caused me to think more deeply about familiar Bible stories and gives flesh and color to oft-read passages. This is the crucifixion, death, and resurrection of Jesus told from a Roman soldier’s perspective and its fabulous! This book should be taught in schools and read by anyone who wishes to find a relationship with Christ.

In my book club, we decided to read this novel that was suggested by one of our members. It’s the “other side of the story,” and is absolutely amazing.


The love story isn’t half bad along the way camasa lui hristos. Although he believes Jesus is innocent of any crime, he follows orders. This is as fine a novel as any produced by someone who had been scribbling since childhood. He and his men go to Jerusalem during the Passover and luo ordered to crucify Jesus.

Time and again Demetrius turned down his freedom because Marcellus still needed him. He witnessed the crucifixion of Jesus red-handed, was among those casting lots and won Jesus’ robe. The people decide to release camasa lui hristos murderer instead of letting this Jesus of Nazareth go–supposedly innocent of the charges against him.

View all 15 comments. I would recommend it to any young person brought up in a religious Christian camasa lui hristos, which will probably extend his or her interest in religious history later perhaps leading to books such as “The Silver Chalice”, “Quo Vadis”, “Barabbas” by Lagerkvist, and my favorite of this sub-genre, “The Last Temptation of Christ” by Nikos Kazantzakis.

hrsitos This one, I will pick up again. I read this book many years ago after having seen the movie. Camasa lui hristos wins Jesus’ Robe, but touching it causes him to go crazy. I found the book to be compelling, challenging, and rewarding. I think everyone should read this book at least once in their lives.

The theme covers any questions anyone could have about Christianity.