Basavanna Vachanagalu What you get from this app: – +Basavanna Vachangalu screen reading ound. Selected Basavanna Vachanas, 12th Century Basava Vachanas.

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Composers who came in the 18thth centuries explored all facets of this rAga, and today it has became one of the major rAgas of Karnataka Sangeetha.

He places God in your soul, and he also places God in your hand. For a long time, Indian music was supposed to have 32 major rAgas. Archived from the original on 27 May His wife Gangambike[11] was the daughter of the prime minister of Bijjalathe Kalachuri king.

Background Wallpapertext and text area editor in setings 5. Towards the end of the 20th century, Michael estimates, one sixth of the population of the state of Karnataka, or about 10 million people, were Lingayat Hindus, or of the tradition championed by Basava.

The traditional legends and hagiographic texts state Basava to be the founder of the Lingayats. Views Read Edit View history.

Basavanna Vachanagalu What vacana get from this app: The king also married Basava’s sister named Padmavati. Basava grew up in a Brahmin family with a tradition of Shaivism.

As chief minister of the kingdom, Basava used the state treasury to initiate social reforms and religious movement focussed on reviving Shaivism, recognizing and empowering ascetics who were called Jangamas. This is a song written by Purandara Dasaacknowledged as a pioneer in Karnataka Sangeetha. This movement shared its roots in the ongoing Tamil Bhakti movementparticularly the Shaiva Nayanars traditions, over the 7th- to 11th-century. These include various Vachana literally, “what is said” [1] such as the Shat-sthala-vachana discourses of the six stages of salvationKala-jnana-vachana forecasts of the futureMantra-gopyaGhatachakra-vachana and Raja-yoga-vachana.

This has showed up even prior to Purandara dAsa. The form of that divine linga is the true God. The rich will make temples for Shiva, What shall I, a poor man do? Background Play featureyou may close the app song plays background in basavxnna 3.

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Sripati, a Virasaiva scholar, explained Basava’s philosophy in Srikara Bhasyausing the Vedanta Sutrasuggesting Basava’s Lingayat theology to be a form of qualified nondualism, wherein the individual Atman soul is the body of God, and that there is no difference between Shiva and Atman self, soulShiva is one’s Atman, one’s Atman is Shiva.

These were rational and progressive social thoughts in the twelfth century. Basavanna, a social reformer from Karnataka AD has this in one of his vachanas saying: You can distinctly hear the sound I am indicating by the phrase thur-thur-thur at several places. Basavanna calls his body as the temple where Shiva dwells.

Basava Vachana Galary

Basavanna, a social reformer from Karnataka AD has this in one of his vachanas saying:. While Basava rejected rituals, he encouraged icons and symbols such as the wearing of Istalinga necklace with personal linga, symbol of Shivaof Rudraksha seeds or beads on parts of one body, and apply Vibhuti sacred ash on forehead as a constant reminder of one’s devotion and principles of faith.

The second vachana talks about the likes and dislikes of his lord Shiva: Basava advocated that every human being was equal, irrespective of caste, and that all forms of manual labor was equally important. The Lingayats, also known as Virasaivas or Veerasaivastraditionally believe that Basava was the founder of their tradition.

One Time Downloadno Internet connection required 2. Basava advocated the wearing of Ishtalingaa necklace with pendant that contains a small Shiva linga. Basava is credited with uniting diverse spiritual trends during his era. Basava emphasized constant personal spiritual development as the path to profound enlightenment. So far so good. Wikisource has original text related to this article: Wikimedia Commons has media related to Basava.

Wikiquote has quotations related to: Kalyani has passed the test of time. Several works are attributed vachan Basava, which are revered in the Lingayat community.

There is pretty little information available on how many of his compositions were sung. A recurring contrast in his poems and ideas is of Sthavara and Jangamathat is, of “what is vacana, standing” and “what is moving, seeking” respectively.

He spread social awareness through his poetry, popularly known as Vachanaas. This normally happens at the drut — or fast phrases.

Basavanna | ಅಲ್ಲಿದೆ ನಮ್ಮ ಮನೆ

Basava fought against the practice of the caste system, which discriminated against people based on their birth, and other rituals vachaa Hinduism. This page basavanja last edited on 6 Novemberat Make my body the fretboard, Make my head resonator Make my nerves into the strings Sing those thirtytwo rAgas Play intensely Oh the lord of kUDala sangama!

Other hagiographic works include the 15th-century Mala Basava-raja-charitre and the 17th-century Vrishabhendra Vijayaboth in Kannada.