27 Jan The latest version of the Army PRT Manual (TC Army Physical Readiness Training) is available for download here in our downloads. 9 Dec The Army has released the latest version of TC Army Physical Readiness Training. This new version dates August, supersedes. TC is the Army’s new Physical readiness training manual. Soldier physical readiness is acquired through the challenge of a precise, progressive and.

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Risk analysis is conducted.

Records the correct number of repetitions in the agmy score block on DA Form Use the form below to search the site: The minimum number of test personnel required to administer the APFT is four: He then assigns Soldiers to a scorer.

It should have an adjustable tension army prt manual tc 3-22.20 resistance and an odometer.

Soldiers in BCT must attain 50 points in each event and an overall score of points. The alternate aerobic APFT events are the following:.

Still not finding what you’re looking for? One lap on a meter track is 92 inches shorter than one lap on a yard track.

TC Army Physical Readiness Training

The scorer must observe that the ergometer is functioning correctly. Supervision of Soldiers and laying out the test area are essential duties. Soldiers are then given time to complete the required information. Additional checkpoints to explain and demonstrate for the push-up event are as follows:.

The test site should have the following:. For example, support personnel may perform the duties of army prt manual tc 3-22.20 holder during the sit-up event. He allows for a short acclimation and preparation period. This form annotates exercises and activities suitable for the profiled Soldier.

Conducts Army prt manual tc 3-22.20 event demonstration. The samples provided are not to be used for scoring the APFT. The scorer must observe the Soldiers throughout the event. Leave a Reply Click here to cancel reply. Supervises event scoring to standard. Records initials in initials box on DA Form Arrangement and layout of test area. Individual Soldiers are not authorized to administer the APFT to themselves to simply satisfy record test requirements.

In addition, the wearing of unauthorized items manuak as nasal strips, braces, elastic bandages, weight lifting gloves, electronic devices MP3 players, radios, cell phones, and compact disc players are addressed. Therefore, Soldiers running on a meter track must run an additional 61 feet, 4 inches. The Soldiers being tested must be army prt manual tc 3-22.20 view of the scorers at all time. Soldiers are not tested when fatigued or ill. A swimming pool at least 25 yards long and three feet deep is required.

The test period is defined as the period of time that elapses from the start to the finish army prt manual tc 3-22.20 the three events from the first push-up performed to the last Soldier crossing the finish line of the 2-mile run event. In accordance with ARall Soldiers must attain a score of at least 60 points on each event and an overall score of at least points.

The order of events cannot be changed. The event supervisor should not be an event scorer. Control of performance factors. Conduct of recovery 322.20 completion of mankal test. Commanders must ensure that physical fitness testing does not form the foundation of unit or individual PRT programs.

A briefing area for the reading 3–22.20 army prt manual tc 3-22.20 instructions. The following test ;rt are recommended to conduct an APFT: The APFT provides a measure of upper and lower body muscular endurance. The profiled Soldier must complete the alternate aerobic event in a time equal to or less than the one listed in Table A Scorers must observe the Soldiers assigned to them. Soldiers that break into any type of running stride will be terminated from the event and will be a NO GO.

Forms can be filled out on screen or by hand.

Preparation for the APFT should be directed at securing the most accurate evaluation of personnel participating in the test. From the beginning of the push-up event to the completion of all remaining events, the total time 3-222.20 cannot army prt manual tc 3-22.20 two hours.

Sleeping mats are not authorized for use. The resistance is set by army prt manual tc 3-22.20 tension strap on a weighted pendulum connected mankal the flywheel. Selecting and training of event supervisors, scorers, timers, demonstrators, and support personnel. A flat, measure 2-mile running course with a solid surface that is not more than 3 percent grade. Soldiers are allowed a minimum of 10 minutes and a maximum of 20 minutes to recover between events.