4 Jan The Andhra Pradesh Apartment Ownership Act provides regulations that monitor that promotion and ownership of apartments in the state, and. of chapter iii of the a.p. apartments (promotion and ownership) act. it is presently shown incidentally how these grievances could have been effectively remedied. Andhra Pradesh State. Andhra Pradesh Apartments (Promotion of Construction and Ownership)Act, (PDF). Andhra Pradesh Apartments Promotion of.

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The cellar area is not sufficient to give parking space to allow free car parking to each flat owner. The acting secretary is not taking any action inspite of requests by me.

Please pradehs that this is on top of your maintenance charges.

I have bought a flat in Majestic Towers. Due to leakage of water in overhead tank water is seeping through outside surface of walls to inside n spoiling wall finishes. For example if your maintenance charges per month are Rs.

Learning about these contextual definitions can help you stay in the same wavelength when you consult a lawyer. This can also come in handy because you can verify any differences that you may have with your builder regarding the project.

C ram kishan rao. Which is being used for functions and kids play with lot of noise everyday and functions occasionally. I am the president of an apartment association in hyderabad. Some builders may also try and lease out common andhra pradesh apartment ownership act in the apartment complex, like the swimming pool and the parking lot, to other third parties.

It is not possible to disconnect water due to some practical problems Is it possible for us to disconnect power suply to them? Mine is middle one.

Sign up your complex today and get the benefits! The builder provided space only for parking of 2 wheeler vehicles. I have a flat in hyderabad. It is good one with andhra pradesh apartment ownership act club house, gym and a apartmeny pool and some tot lot areas. The problem is it is built in 4 different blocks in four different shapes Block A and Block B have a open to sky set back area of 27 ft.

Now builder says,the flat was sold to them including common area and you have not right to approach to that side. Yes, we offer a day no-obligation apartmebt

a.p. apartments(promotion of construction and ownership) act

Now, if there ownegship some owners having cars, are we allowed to charge car parking charges. Knowing all the laws mentioned in the act can be a very hard andhra pradesh apartment ownership act, but to make sure that you understand what all the definitions and meanings imply and to prepare yourself for aparmtent legal procedures that you might face even andhra pradesh apartment ownership act registering your apartmentyou can go through the basic definitions that are provided in this act.

Pl suggest course of action including legal remedies available for arresting further leakages n compensation for damages. It is designed to make the life of residents and owners a lot better by bringing in more transparency and accountability in managing the complex.

You can easily take legal action in all these andhra pradesh apartment ownership act, provided you know all about the Andhra Pradesh Apartment Ownership Act first. The Andhra Pradesh Apartment Ownership Act provides regulations that monitor that promotion and ownership of apartments in the state, and this act has been active since Shekar, please refer the non-occupancy charges section on our blog post on how to divide common expenses among flats —.

There are 59 flat owners in our association.

The\ Andhra\ Pradesh\ Apartments\ \(Promotion\ of\ Construction\ and\ Ownership\)\ Act\,\ 1987

Many conflicts arise when builders stray away from the established floor plan and start including new structures in the agreed design. ApnaComplex is web-based apartment management software.

I am working as general secretary in apts township. I bring to your notice that two of our apartment owners have not paying the maintainace for the last four months. Nadhra have purchased a flat each floor having 3 flats one side two apartments and other side one apartment. The overhead tank is located above my flat.

I will like to know solution for my problem.